We’ve put together a team of novice triathletes who want to give triathlon a go in 2015. Meet our team and follow their progress as they train for the London Triathlon in August.


Tricurious_BeccaBecca (@rebeccajohns)
Supersprint distance

A triathlon has been on my list of events to try for a while; I met someone at a race once who raved about them. I am very passionate about inclusivity when it comes to sport. There’s so much in the media about how inactive we all are, but then so many barriers to getting involved. One barrier for me is not knowing where to start with triathlon and not knowing anyone who does them. It will be great to have a team’s support and advice during training.

I’m confident and happy in the water, although my front crawl is weak and I’ve only swum recreationally since school. I’ve been running on and off since 2006; since then, I’ve done lots of 5Ks, a handful of 10Ks, and my longest race has been the Great South Run in 2013. I am slow but I love it. I was a reasonable sprinter at school and still find pacing myself over distance mentally challenging.

Cycling is my weakest area. I hadn’t been on a moving bike in 9 years until last month when I was shamed into it by needing to set an example for my children; having discovered I quite like it, I just bought a hybrid bike from a friend.

Given I can run and swim, it seems like I just need to sort the cycling out a bit. And polish up the front crawl a lot. And run a whole lot faster. And whatever the hell transition is. But if I do one, I reckon I can then legitimately describe myself as a ‘triple threat’, if only to my children who will be super-embarrassed.

Will (@willdphillips)Tricurious_Will
Sprint distance

Running makes up most of my training; I run 3 or 4 times a week and take part in parkruns, 10Ks, trail runs and obstacle races. I’m a strong recreational swimmer who should probably do more as part of my training; I have often looked at trying the open water sessions just a few miles from where I live. I cycle the 8 miles to and from work occasionally and the bike comes out more in the summer months for evening rides.

I find that having an event on the horizon keeps me motivated and I want to do a triathlon to push myself to try something different. I’m looking forward to having a reason to mix up my training, which keeps me engaged.

Being part of a team is hugely motivational for me. I’m looking forward to having the support and the help of the team to push me to train more in cycling and swimming. I hate to let people down so this will keep me going.

ChrissyTricurious_Chrissie2 (@ChrissyLHam)
Sprint distance

I can swim, but mostly breaststroke like an elderly lady: I’m surprisingly vertical and I could pull off a flower swim hat. My crawl is limited to a couple of lengths before I feel like my lungs might explode; I am, however, very good in the sort of medley that includes doggie paddle, sculling slowly and jumping along the bottom like a kangaroo. Again, I can cycle, but the vast majority has been on a gearless Dutch omafiets; the type that you cycle backwards to slow down. I have never owned a racer nor tried the clippy shoes and, frankly, the idea of going fast intimidates me.

I have run 3 marathons in my own special way: Amsterdam, Tromso and Stockholm. I ran the last one wearing period costume and carrying a parasol; I discovered then why they don’t generally make technical clothing from lace. Since having my daughter 20 months ago, I have pretty much not run at all but, a few months ago, I decided I should start running again; so far about 8 of the 12 runs I’ve done have included at least 1 pint, which may or may not invalidate them as ‘training’. Optimistically, I have signed myself up for a marathon in October, assuming the fear will make me pull my trainers on more often.

Triathlon seems more varied than running and I’d like to do one to raise some money for charity. I’m looking forward to doing this challenge with a team of nice people to encourage each other.

Helen (@helenexplainsit)Tricurious_Helen
Sprint distance

I’ve been looking for a sporting challenge for a while and couldn’t decide between running and cycling, so I thought I’d throw swimming in there as well just for fun. Plus the opportunity to buy lots more gear is always appealing!

The opportunity to take part in a triathlon with the support of others is exciting. I hope that documenting my training and keeping up with other’s experiences will motivate me to push myself harder than I would on my own.

I competed in swimming (poorly) for my town up to age 15. In every swimming race I’ve competed in with a dive start, my goggles have come off and I’ve finished the race with my eyes closed (this one doesn’t bode well for an open water swim). I would still describe myself as a strong swimmer but a bit out of practice.

In the past couple of years, I’ve got back into cycling, starting with training for London to Brighton (BHF event – never again!) in 2013 and working up to cycle commuting. I’ve run both 5K and 10K races very slowly. Running is probably my weakest discipline.

Sarah (@sarahcrandon)Tricurious_Sarah
Sprint distance

I can swim but really only breaststroke. I’ve not completed a swimming event since the badges at school. This has definitely given me the kick up the backside I need to learn the fancy tactics of front crawl! This would be the most challenging discipline for me, but I love a challenge! My only outdoor swimming, other than in the sea, was in Hampstead Heath Swimming ponds once, about three years ago. I’m going to get involved with the outdoor swimming in Salford Quays which I think people must be bonkers to do and this both excites and terrifies me in equal measure.

I got my bike a year ago and I have fallen in love with her; however, I am a newbie cycle commuter and only really cycle 15 mins to work and back, so about 6 miles a day, or to get from A to B at the weekends.

I love running! This is definitely my sport. I have run three marathons and lots of half marathons and 10Ks etc. This is definitely my strongest of the three disciplines (in that I can actually do it well!).

I love running and, as a newbie cycle commuter, I want to see how commuting and actually racing in an event differ, and increase my cycling knowledge and experience.

I know from running that experiencing these things with other people in a team is much more enjoyable than training and going it alone. I basically want a good challenge and to really push myself, but also have fun along the way.

Kat (@kat_walk01)Tricurious_Kat
Pontyclun, South Wales
Olympic distance

I was with a swimming club until the age of 11 which was when I discovered I preferred running (probably because the athletics club didn’t expect me to do early morning sessions). Right now most of the swimming I do is with my children but I’ve started to venture back into the pool again and I’ve discovered that I do actually enjoy it.

I’m a total cycling novice. I have a cheap as chips eBay road bike which I love but I am a fair weather cyclist. Traffic scares me and I am envious of people who can just get out and do it without worrying about it.

I’ve run two marathons, a few half marathons and 10Ks. I started off as a kid as a track middle distance athlete but, after having children, I ventured up the distances. I adore running but over the last couple of years I’ve picked up a few niggling injuries.

I have never done a triathlon before but it’s always intrigued me. The fact that people can transition from one thing to another has always fascinated me. I am in awe of people who can do it and I’d like to try it for myself, even if it’s just once. Plus people who do triathlons just seem to be absolute nails and I want to be a bit more nails.

I pretty much train on my own for everything and make it up as I go along. I think deep down I want to be a part of a team or a group to share the experience with.

The team will be blogging for us over the next few months and you can follow their progress via Twitter too. Best of luck everyone!


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